Founded in 2015, Montreal based collective 8day is specialized in broadcasting and promoting forefront electronic music, finely selected by passionate artists and creative minds.

We are dedicated to create carefully curated platforms on which local and international artists and labels can share their work, collaborate and discover new talents.

8day is proud to support a solid group of artists through its two official labels : 8day & Grrreat Recordings.

Contact us to submit your music for our record labels! 

✪ To find out more about our labels and for general inquiries : info@8day.ca

✪ Submit your music to be part of our podcasts, exclusive premieres and releases : promo@8day.ca

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Releasing unique, innovative, melodic and dreamy sounds, Grrreat Recording is 8day collective's record label, @8day-montreal 

Label is managed by @esteban-lara ans it's supported by djs and producers such as Nick Warren, Hernan Cattaneo, Max Cooper, Microtrauma, Applescal....

Get ready to be surprised.


✪ Promos: promo@8day.ca
✪ For Demos: e@vandid.com

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