Deep House / Techno / NuCumbia / Dub (Mexico/Canada)

Influenced by the sounds of International and urban tones as well as the underground scene of Mexico city in the 90s, Risa began his Dj journey in 2005 on ancient sacred Mayan grounds.

He landed in British Columbia in 2008 and right away started involving himself in the Sound System culture. Since 2010, has been a regular on the Canadian East coast festival circuit, having performed notably at Eclipse Festival, Space Gathering, Open Mind, Timeless and many more....


Currently residing in Sherbrooke, Quebec Risa is co-founder of 3 different projects:


Going strong since 2016 working on promotion of underground House & Techno and subgenres.

A newborn co-founded project of Risa promoting downtempo music the likes of Slow Techno and electronic folklore music.

Digital Station
Dedicated to the Reggae & DubSound System Culture.

Risa has play along with artists such as Hatcha(UK), Barnt (Cologne), Face T / Poirie (CA) Truth(NZ), Be Svendsen (DK) Thomash (DEU/BRA), Ondubground(FR), Sainte Vie(MX), Speakeasy Electro Swing Montréal (CA), R. Vincenzo (BR), Soom T (UK), Thomas Von party (CA/DEU), UpRoot Andy (US), among others. 
His music style incorporate fusion between Nu Cumbia, Voodoohop, Ketapop, Deep Hoouse, Techno, West Coast Bass, Balkan Beat, Dub, Moombhaton, and the list goes on !

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